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International Network of Fellows INESC Porto LA is the Board’s new strategy

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José Carlos Príncipe, Armando Leite da Silva and Gerald Sheblé are the first members of the network of Fellows INESC Porto LA, the most recent strategy of the Board that aims to consolidate the institution’s external reputation and credibility.

The objective of this honorary statute is to establish closer relationships between INESC Porto LA’s researchers and internationally acknowledged scientists, associating the institution’s name to these personalities.

It is also expected that this association to worldwide acknowledged personalities will lead to an increase in the standards of demand and quality of the research work carried out by the institute. In fact, this investment was the result of a set of requests for stays and sabbatical leaves by the most important members in the Science field at a worldwide level, thanks to the prestige that INESC Porto LA has gained over its 20 years of activity.

The selection of Fellows follows two criteria: the member should be a worldwide renowned scientific and exceptional person; at the same time, the member should have a collaboration or connection with INESC Porto LA. Thus, in this context, the title of Fellow will work as an acknowledgement of the contribution provided to the institution.

José Carlos Príncipe has been president of INESC Porto LA’s External Scientific Advisory Board for several years. On the other hand, Armando Leite da Silva continued collaborating with the institution after working there as a staff scientist. In conclusion, Gerald Sheblé has been dividing his time, for several years, between top North American universities and INESC Porto LA.

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