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USE with new contract in the United States

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The Power Systems Unit (USE) will develop a work, together with the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) in the United States, for the Department of Energy (DoE) of the American Government. The work is related to the forecast of wind energy production.

The DoE has launched a call for applications among American laboratories for the development of several aspects related to the production of electric power from wind. Portugal is acknowledged worldwide as far as renewable energies are concerned and INESC Porto, as a European institution, is considered to be one of the top specialised laboratories at an international context, which justifies ANL’s invitation for the institution to become part of a consortium.

The project for the development of a system to forecast wind power (which is more complex that just forecasting the wind) will probably last two years. In August, INESC Porto was notified by ANL that the first stage of the project had been adjudicated, and that the work should be concluded in five months. The team is currently led by Vladimiro Miranda, with the participation of Peças Lopes and Cláudio Monteiro, among others.

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