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Metaphor of time

Sun San is under the shadow of an olive tree when the owner of a nearby farm approaches. As he recognises the man, he respectfully greets him, as is usual in these occasions. Trivialities are discussed, health, the weather. The farmer complains about the draught that is punishing the land and destroying the crops, drying and parching the cereal stems. The harvest will be lost, there will be hunger. What can you do, that’s life, he complains.

In the mean time, a hurried neighbour passes by, going down the footpath. However, he’s not in such a hurry that he won’t stop and respectfully greet Sun San as well. Trivialities are discussed, health, the weather. Then, the neighbour complains about the dryness in the air that burns his skin and provokes his asthma, and about the heat that bothers him all night.  What can you do, that’s life, echoing the words of the farmer.

Sun San stands up, turns his back on the men and stares at the horizon. Forgive us, Master, for this useless conversation, said one of the men. We didn’t mean to disturb you. And Sun San said:

- You both know what life is and I know nothing. You know so much about it that you think it is useless to be reluctant. So I prefer to learn nothing from you and maintain the rebelliousness of imagining that I make life and not the other way around.

You are disbelievers. Let me be in this believing ignorance, for this I know and nothing else: in the darkness I shall seek the light, and in hard times I shall find the opportunity.

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