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INESC Porto welcomes Scientific Advisory Board once again

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An international board of experts whose merit is acknowledged worldwide in INESC Porto’s six areas of intervention will analyse the institution’s Activity Report 2003-2007 on 27 and 28 October. The aim is to advise INESC Porto’s different units after an assessment of the institution’s path and, at the same time, collaborate in the definition of a medium and long-term strategy. 

This Activity Report describes the main projects developed by INESC Porto’s units. The External Advisory Board will review the report before it is handed in to the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) on 31 October.

Professor José Carlos Príncipe (University of Florida, USA) is the president of the Scientific Advisory Board that will also include the following members: Faramarz Farahi (University of North Carolina at Charlotte, USA) who will assess the Optoelectronics and Electronic Systems Unit (UOSE); Tomás Gomez (Universidade Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain) who will assess the Power Systems Unit (USE); Michel Schöll (INRIA – Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique, France), assessing the Information and Communication Systems Unit (USIC); Leonardo Chiariglione (Digital Media Lab, Italy), assessing the Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit (UTM); John O’Reilly (University College of London, United Kingdom), assessing the Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit (UITT), and finally Gerald Bernard Sheblé, INESC Porto Fellow (Portland State University, USA).

José A. B. Fortes (University of Florida, USA) and Maarten van Someren (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Netherlands) will be representing INESC Porto’s Associated Laboratory groups for the first time.

The Scientific Advisory Board’s last visit to INESC took place in April 2006.

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