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Spin-off from INESC Porto supplies Airbus with optical fibre sensors

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FiberSensing, a spin-off company from INESC Porto launched in 2004, will supply structural monitoring systems based on optical fibre Bragg sensors for the fuel tanks of Airbus’ flight test aircrafts.

Located in the city of Maia (Porto), the company has supplied Airbus with a measuring system and several sensors for the dynamic measurement of deformation and temperature in the new generation of composite fuel tanks. The decision to use optical fibres was adequate since the technical features of these new fuel tanks do not require the conventional electrical instrumentation which carries the risk of explosion caused by atmospheric electric discharges.

FiberSensing believes that this is the first step for Airbus to start using optical fibre Bragg sensors in the flight tests of future aircraft models. In fact, these sensors can be used, not only in fuel tanks, but also in the assessment of the behaviour of other areas of the aircraft.

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