B U L L E T I N Number 87  October 2008 - Year VIII

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INESC Porto strengthens competitiveness of the European footwear industry
The “CEC-Made-Shoe” European Project has developed a set of radical innovations that promise to revolutionise the footwear industry. The results of the project have already been applied in some Portuguese companies, such as Kyaia, Procalçado and Aerosoles. This project’s aim is to increase the competitiveness of European SMEs in the footwear industry and also reach 10% of the world’s production until 2010. The Manufacturing Systems Engineering Unit (UESP) of INESC Porto was one of the project’s main partners, having developed new manufacturing processes and concepts that cause a direct impact on the companies’ productivity.

Special Report
INESC Porto provides excellent chain of research to Universities in the USA and EU
This edition of BIP highlights the decision of INESC Porto’s Board to create an honorary bond with INESC Porto LA – a network of Fellows. Gerald Sheblé, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Portland State University (PSU), has stood out in several areas such as power systems, information flow and analysis, auction market and financial engineering. He is one of the first members to be included on this network of Fellows.

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  • Have Your Say
  • One of INESC Porto’s champions in publication of scientific articles reflects: “It would be interesting and prestigious for INESC Porto to be referenced as a place where there is a significant amount of good published articles in order to obtain a degree”.

  • Free Nonsense
  • This collaborator tells us the story of Matt, a young man who conquered the world… dancing! The four-minute video where the North-American young man can be seen dancing in 42 countries is already a phenomenon in YouTube, registering almost 10 million visits.

  • Gallery of the Uncommon
  • Among the dozens of questions and requests that we receive every month in our portal, it is not uncommon for us to find that some of them are a bit unusual or incredible. However, in 2008, no other message topped this one.

  • Biptoon
  • More scenes of how life goes merrily on...

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